Biological Control Measures

Shrimp Immunology And Biological Control in kerala india

It has been envisaged to use the antagonistic and probiotic potential of beneficial microflora (heterotrophic bacteria and cyanobacteria) to control or prevent the incidence of disease in shrimp and prawn culture systems. We have isolated and maintained a large number of bacterial cultures from a wide variety of environments. From this collection, a Psedomonas sp., and Micrococcus sp., could be segregated and their probiotic effect could be demonstrated in larval rearing systems of M. rosenbergii and P. monodon. Cyanobacteria with antibacterial properties, isolated from marine environments could be successfully demonstrated to protect P. monodon larvae from vibriosis. We are also exploring the possibility of using vibriophage as therapeutics to vibriosis.

A concept mooted by the Centre is to design a Comprehensive Microbial Technology (CMT) for the elimination/ control of vibrios in penaeid and non-penaeid larval rearing and grow-out systems. The CMT envisaged would consist of :

  • (i) immunodiagonostics
  • (ii) antagonistic bacteria/ probiotics
  • (iii) bioactive compounds as novel drugs
  • (iv) immunostimulants
  • (v) phage therapy