Aqua Clinics & Aquapreneurship Development Programme (AC&ADP)

To promote Aquapreneurship through Aqua Clinics/Aqua One Centre in every State of the country is to fulfill the farmer'€™s requirements as well as self- sustained employment. Aqua Clinics/Aqua One Centre is need of the hour to the farmers for sustainable aquaculture practices such as culture of fishes and shrimps, pond design, pond preparation, soil analysis, water quality analysis, selection of species, seed & feed supply, disease management (Laboratories), better management practices (BMPs), technical consultancies, skill development, networking and marketing linkages as well as well connected with State and Central Govt. institutions to implement the Govt. schemes in the farmers field. Aquapreneurs will know how to prepare a Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) to get the financial assistance and subsidiary schemes. In this many of them get employment opportunities. By initiating this, production may increase as per the concept of doubling the farmer's income through Blue Revolution by 2022.

✓ To establish Aqua Clinics/Aqua One Centre (AOC)
✓ Aquaculture consultancy & Aquapreneurship Development
✓ To create an awareness of recent developments in Aquaculture technologies
✓ To identify the farmer's requirements and support
✓ To educate them for familiarizing with Govt. schemes and other Aquaculture development programmes
✓ To provide One Stop Solutions for Aqua Farmers through Aqua Clinics/Aqua Once Centre (AOC)

Training Details:
✓ Number of Days: 28 days (4 weeks) Residential programme
✓ 3 weeks classroom, 1-week field visit
✓ 30 participants per batch
✓ Period November, 2018 to March, 2019 (Any month as per your convenient)
✓ Participants mobilization and nomination:NTIs, MANAGE, NFDB & State Departments

✓ Graduates in fisheries and allied subjects from SFUs/Central Agricultural Universities/ICAR fisheries University (CIFE)
✓ Diploma in Fisheries from State Agricultural Universities & Central Universities
✓ Post - Graduation in Aquaculture, Industrial Fisheries, Marine Biology & Zoology

Implementing Agency:
✓ ACABC Incubation Centre, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), Hyderabad

Financial Support:
✓ National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad

✓ NTIs, MANAGE & NFDB and State Fisheries Departments