Shrimp Immunology And Biological Response Modifiers (BRMs)

Shrimp Immunology And Biological Response Modifiers (BRMs) in kerala india

Our interest in this area is the response of shrimp immune system to specific molecules like beta -glucan and viral antigens, pathogens, and various environmental conditions. We have found increased ROI levels of shrimp administered with an inactivated WSSV. Currently, research is underway to elucidate the molecular basis of immune response of penaeids to WSSV antigens.

Our research on BRMs focuses on beta-glucan extracted from the fungus, Acremonium diospyri. The extraction protocol has been standardized by using b-glucan extracted by different protocols and comparing their structure and immunostimulatory effect in F. indicus. We found alkali insoluble glucan (named Acremonium Insoluble beta -glucan, AIBG) increased the proPO activity 5 times and ROI by 2 times. We have demonstrated the efficacy of glucan extracted from the fungus Acremonium diospyri along with Vibrio bacterin for increasing survival rate of prawn larvae. All these ventures ultimately will lead to the development of appropriate protective measures by enhancing specific and non-specific immune response of the animal.