Aquatic Animal Cell Culture

Aquatic Animal Cell Culture in kerala india

Aquatic animal cell culture efforts of the Centre began with the development of a diploid cell line form the embryonic tissue of Poecilia reticulata. Further ground was covered with the development of primary cell cultures from liver, spleen, kidney, testis, and ovary of Clarius gariepinus.

A new process has been formulated to develop primary cell cultures from eyestalk, gills, hepatopancreas, lymphoid organs, heart, ovary and nerve cord of F. indicus and P. monodon. We have established cell lines from hepatopancreas of F. indicus (Fi HTP) eye stalk of F. indicus (Fi – EST) and P. monodon (Pi – EST). The cell lines have been characterized by electron microcopy, confocal laser scanning microscopy and PCR analyses. Efforts are underway to study the multiplication cycle and morphogenesis of WSSV in these cell cultures.