Enterotrophotic is a scientific blend of Bacillus cereus sensu lato (MCCB 101) (Genbank accession. no. EF 062509 and Arthrobacter nicotianae (Genbank accession no. EU402968). (MCCB 104) isolated from marine environment and characterized for application as gut probiotic. They control Vibrio in shrimp/prawn intestine by way antagonistic activity mediated by an extracellular anti-vibrio molecule and enhances feed acceptance and digestion by way of producing hydrolytic enzymes.


The dosage has been calculated to make available each animal 1x103 CFU per animal on daily basis.

No. of Animals Day of Culture Dosage per Day Required
For every 10000 animals                                         0-70                                                   50ml                         
For every 10000 animals 70-120 100ml


Dilute the calculated quantity of "Enterotrophotic" with sufficient quantity of water, sprinkle over feed and mix gentle, shade dry for 30 minutes and administer to the animal. If the animals are fed three times a day Enterotrophotic should be split in to three portions and added accordingly so that the probiotic will be available for all the animals always.

Example: Calculation of dosage of Enterotrophotic

Initial stocking 1,00,000
Survival 70% i.e., 70,000 animals
Enterotrophotic needed for 10,000 animals for 0-70 days 50ml per day
Enterotrophotic needed for 70,000 animals for 0-70 days (50/10,000)x 70,000 = 350ml per day
Enterotrophotic needed for 10,000 animals for 70- 120 days                   100ml per day
Enterotrophotic needed for 70,000 animals for 70- 120days (100/10,000) x 70,000 = 700ml per day