M.Tech. Marine Biotechnology

The M Tech programme in Marine Biotechnology sponsored  and ranked as 'A' grade course by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India is a unique experience of its kind in the country.

Over above two decades, Government of India has been supporting infrastructure development and research in focused areas of Marine Biotechnology to develop novel processes and products aiming at enhancement
of industrial processes, biomedical material development, environment management etc. These efforts paved the way for the development of Marine Biotechnology Industry in the country harnessing the potential of the marine environment.  The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India on taking stock of the situation realized that to infuse power to the sector effective human resource with high level technical expertise were the prime requirements.   Realizing this requirement, National Centre for Aquatic Animal Health proposed the present M.Tech programme in Marine Biotechnology with the objective of generating the much needed specialized manpower in support of education, research and industrial development in Marine Biotechnology in India and abroad.

To satisfy this requirement, a curriculum was built in consultation with experts in
the field. This is a  four semester programme consisting of two semesters of  intense theory, practical classes, assignments, problem analysis, short term projects and case studies with full time research during the third and fourth semesters. The programme has an Advisory Committee with Vice chancellor as the Chairman and members drawn from industry, academia and planners. Under the patronage of this Committee and with the state-of-the art infrastructure built in this Centre we look forward to generate manpower to transform the marine biotechnology education, research and industrial development in the country to a world class  experience.

The course is also approved by AICTE.